Listen2YT F.A.Q.

(list of most Frequently Asked Questions)

Which download file formats are supported by Listen2yt app?
Listen2YT allows users convert YouTube videos to MP3 audio format or MP4 for video. If you need more formats, look for video different resolution selections.

What video sources are supported by Listen2yt?
Now we only support YouTube. With over 97% of music videos played by users now come from YouTube, we find it's enough to know how to download MP3 from YouTube, for a successful website tool like thia.

The search is not working. ListenToYouTube is not working. What do I do?
Press CTRL+SHIFT+R to reload page on desktop. Another more universal way would be to go into settings and remove browser cache for our website, then refresh the page and do a search. It is also recommended to try reload this website in an incognito tab, find an optiont to open such tab in browser menu.

Where do I find the files downloaded from this site?
Usually it's easy to open browser settings page and find Downloads option right there. It is most often the default downloads folder of your device, be that Windows based, Android, iPhone, etc.

YouTube video player is not working. What to do?
Sometimes videos are blocked for your geo-location by the rights owner. In such case do a broader search, most music videos are reuploaded times and times again, usually there are dozens of versions of any video, some of those should be available for you.